Ionix have worked closely with Ian over the last 2 years, designing and testing Ionix ultrasonic sensors for use in a high radiation environment. Ian has efficiency and precisely imparted his expertise to decode the radiation world to Ionix, and critically allow Ionix to understand what sort of radiation environment our sensors are able to work in. This allows us to provide confidence to our existing and future customers that our sensors are fit for purpose in a nuclear environment.

T. Comyn, Technical Director, Ionix Advanced Technologies

I was leading an Innovate UK project assessing the effects of gamma radiation on piezo-ceramics. Ian and his team were excellent in helping guide my project through the complexities of radiation assessments for nuclear environments and interpreting the results obtained.

J. Kern, Senior Project Manager, TWI

It has been a pleasure working with Dr Dawson and his team in developing our radiation resilient ultrasound transducers. His expertise and enthusiasm for radiation physics is clearly evident, and being able to call on such a knowledgeable person was valuable input into our initial design process. I expected his team’s modelling to yield useful insights into the effect of radiation on our sensors, but the implications it ended up having on our final data-set were even more significant than I initially appreciated.

T. Kelley, Research Scientist, Precision Acoustics

Ian has been extremely helpful in performing calculations and providing very useful advice for the design of the shielding of a new electron gun setup. His expertise and fast, friendly service has been very valuable.

Georg Viehhauser, Senior Radiation Protection Supervisor, Department of Physics, University of Oxford

It has been a great pleasure working with Ian and his team in the RRUS project. Their expertise in the field of modelling and simulation of radiation was extremely valuable to the project. Through their work they have provided valuable information for the radiation effect on ultrasonic transducers.

V. Tzitzilonis, Software Team Leader, InnoTecUK