Our services

High fidelity 3D Monte Carlo simulations
We have over twenty years experience in running radiation transport codes such as GEANT4, FLUKA, MCNP6. Monte Carlo simulation is a powerful tool for investigating the impact of radiation environments on products, instrumentation and systems, especially in regimes where testing is not possible or cost prohibitive. Simulation is particularly useful when developing strategies to mitigate against the effects of radiation (e.g. shielding design and optimisation) while minimising costs. We have also used simulation in the design of new beam facilities, and for predicting dose to personnel in highly radioactive radiation environments.

Testing at irradiation facilities
In the research and development of technologies for application in challenging radiation environments, testing at irradiation facilities is crucial. We have have strong links with many irradiation facilities and provide guidance and support companies (especially useful for SMEs) throughout the tests to ensure a successful irradiation campaign. We encourage in situ testing to monitor performance. Facilities we use include: high dose cobalt-60 gammas; high flux nuclear reactor neutrons and gammas for material bulk damage studies; high energy neutrons for atmospheric SEE studies; high current and high energy proton beams for combined bulk damage and ionising dose studies.

Intelligence gathering and reporting
A new project will typically start with a review of the relevant scientific and technological literature. Our easy access to a wealth of academic literature and expertise across a wide range of radiation related topics allows for a rigorous and up-to-date review. This then provides the basis in the planning and costing of radiation simulation and testing. Alternatively we may recommend the project be concluded at this point if additional R&D is unlikely to provide further value.